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Welcome to the UCWBG Website!


Alumni roundtables, career conferences, websites, webinars, leadership circles, linking alums to nonprofit boards, women's conferences, mothers' groups, newsletters and emails. What do these all have in common? They are all UCWBG innovations.


We value our community of women who have all navigated an extraordinary education at an extraordinary institution. After 35 years as a Chicago Booth alumnae group, including more than 12 years as a 501(c)(3) organization, UCWBG is currently restructuring. While we rethink our future and future activities, memberships will not be available. However, we will continue to update the website with opportunities that we think are of interest to our community. So stop by our website regularly to see our latest news.


September-October  Making the Switch: A Webinar Series on Social Impact Career Transitions

Join Booth’s Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation and Career Services for Making the Switch, a free webinar series designed to give you tools to leverage your Booth MBA for a new career at a nonprofit, government agency, or social enterprise. The Rustandy Center is the destination at Booth for people tackling complex social and environmental problems. Wherever you are in your career and whatever social issues you care about, learn how to position yourself (and your skills) for a switch into the social impact space. Hear from fellow alumni who have made the transition during this interactive webinar series. Click here for more information and to register.


Thu-Fri, Sep 14-15  Back to Booth: Entrepreneurship Essentials

Join Professor Waverly Deutsch for two days focused on the frameworks and tools an entrepreneur needs to start a business. This class is ideal for those currently starting early stage companies or considering entrepreneurship in the not too distant future.  Learn about different kinds of startup financing and when each type applies to your business. Understand what investors look for in a startup company and get feedback on your elevator pitch and investor deck. Leave this workshop with a clearer sense of what you must do to build a new company that can thrive in today’s startup world.   Click here for more information and to register.


Sat, Sep 16  BallotReady

Elections matter! Hear about an exciting and civic-minded innovation, from UChicago alumna Alex Niemczewski, AB ’09, CEO and Co-Founder of BallotReady. is a non-partisan platform enabling us voters to easily research and understand every candidate and referendum vying for our vote. Alex will provide a quick history of the problem she saw, and the subsequent startup effort that’s solving it. In addition, she’ll do a live demonstration of the website, which has new features this year.   Click here for more information and to register.


Do You Have a blog?

It's interesting the number of UCWBG members who have blogs. We've created a webpage to list the blogs we know about. Click here to check it out. Let us know about your blog. Send the address to We'll put a link in the UCWBG website and possibly the next email.


Events of Interest

Thu, Sep 14 
Worldwide Booth Night
Chicago Booth

Thu-Fri, Sep 14-15 
Back to Booth: Entrepreneurship Essentials
Chicago Booth

Free Webinar Series on Social Impact Career Transitions
Wed, Sep 9  Articulating your passion
Tue, Sep 19  Preparing for the interview
Fri, Oct 6  Translating your business skills into the social sector
Chicago Booth Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation

Sat, Sep 16 
BallotReady: 21st Century Ballot-ReadinessChicago
Chicago Women's Alliance

Fri, Sep 22 
Digitizing Our World: From Tablets to Tablets
Alumni Club of Chicago

Tue, Sep 26 
Meet Dean Rajan
Alumni Club of Chicago

Fri, Oct 13 
Booth Women Connect Conference
Chicago Booth


Upcoming Chicago Booth Career Services Webinars

Mon, Aug 14 
Articulating Your Value


Upcoming UChicago Career Services Webinars

Tue, Aug 22 
Mind Your Career: Typical Legal Issues for Startups

Thu, Sep 9 
Mind Your Career: Connect with Students in your City

Wed, Sep 27 
Mind Your Career: Harnessing Failure - To Succeed



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